12 Easton 3D Lightspeed Arrows Made Maximize

12 Easton 3D Lightspeed Arrows Made

FREE POSTAGE The best carbon arrow speed shaft on the market. 3D LightSpeed delivers all-out quickness balanced with mid-diameter, line-cutting ability.Complete with vanes nock and heads

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EASTON 3D Lightspeed arrows

Superlite carbon construction. Easton engineers identify and utilise specific types of carbon best suited for each shaft model. Easton carbon layers provide ultra consistent construction for more accuracy and long lasting strength. Strong unidirectional overlays. Smooth finish quiets the draw and reduces arrow rest wear.

The new LightSpeed 3D combines high velocity with the tightest specs for higher scores and comes with factory installed G Nock UNI system.Lightweight . Launches like a rocket. Very popular with 3D shooters.

  • Available in 500, 400, 340 shaft sizes. 
  • Straightness: +/- .001"
  • Multi-layer wrapped carbon fibres
  • Weight tolerance: +/- 2.0 grains
  • Black, smooth matte finish
  • Superior Nock Alignment
  • Flush fit clears arrow rest
  • Patented system
  • G UNI Bushing installed
  • One size CB insert and CB point fit all LightSpeed 3D shaft sizes 

Easton LightSpeed delivers all-out quickness with mid-diameter, line-cutting ability. Multi-layer wrapped carbon fibers. Smooth-matte black finish. Straightness: +/- .003 inches. Weight tolerance: +/- 2 grains. 

500 6.5 GPI

400 7.4 GPI

340 8.2 GPI

These are made complete with 1.75 inch X Vanes , G nocks ,and  CB points

Head weight can be 80 or 100grn

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