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Easton Broadhead Addapter Rings

FREE POSTAGE Strengthens the end of your st axis and other shafts with H.I.T inserts . These will reduce the chance of your heads busting out the side of the shaft on impact with rock or bones .They have saved me hundreds of dollars .

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EASTON Broadhead Adapter Rings

Easton Broadhead Adapter Rings are perfect for Axis carbon arrows and Beman MFX carbon arrows. Easton designed them to provide a solid lockup and smooth transition between small diameter carbon arrows and your field points and broadheads.
When shooting field points that are slightly larger in diameter than your shafts, you'll notice a small shoulder or "lip" where the shaft and point meet. This lip tears up your targets quickly causing you to invest in new targets more often. By adding the Easton "Broadhead Adapter Ring" to your setup the "arrow point to shaft" transition is smooth and your archery targets last longer. That saves you money!
When used with broadheads you get a wider, more secure "base of broadhead to shaft" connection. (With some modular broadheads it's a must to hold the blades in!)
Available in four sizes: #3, #4, #5, & #6. See sizing chart below.
Weight: 2 grains 12 per pack

  • #3 Fits: Axis 500
    (Also: ACC 3-18 & 3-28, AC Super Slim 400 & 500)
  • #4 Fits: Axis 340 & 400
    (Also: ST Obsession 500, Black Max 500)
  • #5 Fits: Axis & Beman MFX 400 & 500
    (Also: ACC 3-39, AC Super Slim 300 & 340, ST Obsession 640 & 400, Black Max 340 & 400, Max 4 400 & 500)
  • #6 Fits: Axis & Beman MFX 300 & 340
    (Also: ACC 3-49, ST Obsession 300, Black Max 300, Max 4 340)