Bowtech 2017 The Reign 6 Maximize

Bowtech 2017 The Reign 6

FREE POSTAGE The Reign design combines all of BowTech's most notable technologies to create compound bows that are smooth, quiet and powerful .

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Bowtech Reign 6

The Reign offers a new riser and cam design along with the new Outrigger counterweight system, which offsets the weight of the accessories for ultimate balance.

BowTech's PowerShift Technology Flip Disc and Micro Sync Dial offer a customisable draw cycle and tuning capability for performance and comfort. The performance setting will make your bow as fast as possible, while the comfort setting will give the bow as smooth of a draw cycle as possible. You can fine-tune your cams without the need for a bow press with the Micro Sync Dial, an innovative tool that gives a shooter 10 micro dial adjustments for fast and efficient cam synchronisation.

IBO Speed up to 350fps
Weight ranges 40-50lbs, 50-60lbs, 60-70lbs. Please specify weight required. All bows are adjustable 10lbs down from the peak draw weight.
Draw length range 24"-30". All bows feature draw length adjustments in 0.5" increments with rotating modules
Brace Height 6"
Axle to Axle 32.625"
Mass weight 4.3lbs
Let-Off 80%
Centre Pivot Extreme (CPX) Deflexed Riser
Carbon Core Limbs
OverDrive Binary Cams
Rotating Modules
PowerShift Flip Disc Technology
Micro Sync Technology
Outrigger offset weight design
Single String Suppressor makes release even quieter 

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