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Bohning Seal-Tite Bowstring Wax

FREE POSTAGE Silicone-based wax formulated for treating the high-tensile strength bowstring materials. Holds bowstring strands together and acts as a lubricant as the strands move against each other during bow shooting.

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Bohning Seal-Tite bowstring silicone-based wax, for high-tensile bowstrings 1oz, holds strands together, acts as a lubricant as strands move against each other during shooting of the bow, increases bowstring life, push-out tube. Tex-Tite is a natural-based bowstring wax while Seal-Tite is a silicone-based wax. Both work great for keeping your bowstring from drying out. Tex-Tite provides a "tacky" coating while Seal-Tite provides a "sticky" coating.