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Magnus Classic 125 Grn Glue on 6 pack

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Magnus Clasic Glue on 125 grn Pack of 6


Magnus Classic glue on broadheads, manufactured in the USA by Thundervalley Archery, are designed for wood arrows.


Magnus Classic broadheads are designed to work every time. They never fail to open, they cut-on-contact and they keep on cutting all the way through.


Magnus Classic broadheads have a well deserved reputation for putting big game animals down for keeps - the perfect example of the tried and true keep it simple principle in action.


Magnus Classic make quality broadheads for bowhunting whether you're after pigs, goats, camels, whitetail deer, mulies, sheep, elk, bison or moose.


They're top quality, sharp right out of the package and available in 2 blade and 4 blade varieties and they're guaranteed for life.


These dependable glue-on, cut-on-contact broadheads are mostly used by traditional bowhunters everywhere.


Introduced in 1984, tough Magnus Classic traditional broadheads exploded onto the market and have been a mainstay among bow hunters ever since. The design is simple, they have no moving parts to fail upon impact and they've been used successfully around the world on any big game that moves.


Quality construction, excellent flight from any bow on the market and total confidence in the field, add up to the best bet for a broadhead.


All Magnus Classic traditional broadheads feature quality high-carbon steel honed to a razor sharp edge for superior bone splitting penetration on any game animal.


The quality of construction is unmatched, but if you break a Magnus Classic, it will be replaced under the Magnus Classic "no questions asked" Lifetime Guarantee.


Magnus Classic glue on broadhead.


  • Fits all tapered wood shafts and accepts standard broadhead adapters for conversion to screw-in broadheads for use with aluminium or carbon arrows
  • Proven cut-on-contact design is lethal to the extreme
  • Triple thick tough tip penetrates the largest of game
  • Keep on cutting all the way through
  • Renowned for putting big game down for keeps
  • Quality high-carbon steel hones to a razor sharp edge
  • Precision manufacturing ensures excellent flight from any bow
  • Copper brazed and spot welded for unmatched strength
  • Teflon coated for maximum penetration
  • Ready to shoot, razor sharp right out of the pack!
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Made in USA
  • Perfect for pigs, goats, foxes, deer, elk, moose, black bear, grizzly bear, bison & other big game
  • The ultimate in fixed blade technology
  • Nothing beats a classic!