Camo Dip Kits ( Do It Yourself Camo Kit ) Maximize

Camo Dip Kits ( Do It Yourself Camo Kit )

This is a quick and easy, do-it-yourself kit that lets you apply a variety of the world's most popular camouflage patterns to anything you like.  The water transfer process, also called hydrographics, is a way to transfer an image to a 3-D surface. Far easier than offset printing, vinyl decals, and similar covering methods and at a fraction of the cost

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The printed film is placed on the surface of the water, and the base begins to dissolve. An activator chemical is sprayed over the film causing the ink to remain floating in an oil-like state on top of the water. Next the properly prepared part is immersed into the water, and the upward pressure of the water causes the ink to wrap around and adhere to the item. After the entire item has been immersed, it is removed from the water, cleaned and then coated with a clear coat.

Our Camo Dip Kit includes all Items needed for the process .The video below shows a SIMILAR method of application .