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Easton A/C/C Arrow Shafts

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Easton A/C/C Arrow Shafts


Extraordinary consistency and straightness, extreme durability, versatility for  target use.


The exceptional ACC arrow remains the top choice for archers and Field archers seeking high-performance lightweight versatility.


For strength and pinpoint accuracy, use only Easton components.


  • Straightness +/- .002" guaranteed maximum
  • High-strength carbon fibre bonded to a precision 7075 aerospace alloy core tube
  • Weight tolerance +/- 0.5 grains
  • Black, micro-smooth 9-micron finish
  • Available in 2-00, 3L-00, 3-00, 2L-04, 2-04, 3X-04, 3L-04, 3-04, 3L-18, 3-18, 3-28, 3-39, 3-49, 3-60, 3-71 shaft sizes. Please specify size required
  • Made in USA.

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