Archery equipment and supplies, including Spine Arrows available at Redback Archery

Redback Archery, a leading archery supplies distributor, based in Australia, offers a range of arrows to purchase or you can even purchase the supplies (vanes, feathers, nocks, shafts and arrowheads) to build your own arrows. The wide variety of arrows we stock can seem daunting, so if you’re new to archery or just unsure of what you need when making a purchase, then we can help.

What is an arrow spine?

The “spine” of an arrow is simply the measurement of how stiff an arrow is and is accompanied by a number to identify the arrow spine’s measurement. The lower the spine number, the stiffer the arrow will be. For example, a 300 spine arrow is stiffer than a 500 spine arrow. An arrow’s spine is determined by the weight of the material used to make the shaft of an arrow, the length of the shaft and the weight of the arrowhead. Another factor that contributes to the measurement of an arrows stiffness is whether it is in motion or not. When an arrow is at rest it’s level of stiffness is referred to as static spine, but when an arrow is in motion it’s stiffness is referred to as dynamic spine. A static spine measurement will remain the same throughout its lifetime but a dynamic spine’s measurement can vary over time, based on how it is used. When it comes to purchasing arrows, their spine’s number is usually based on the arrow’s dynamic spine as opposed to it’s static spine. The spine size, plus the type of bow used, can produce varying results, so it is quite important that you know what arrows to buy or which materials to use when assembling a spine.

Finding the right arrow for you

Your shooting accuracy depends greatly on the arrow spine. Therefore, it is important that you find the right arrow. The spine’s static measurement also reflects the deflection of the shaft, i.e. how the shaft bends. A shaft that bends more will have a higher deflection and will work the best with a lighter weight bow, and a stiffer spine will be ideal for use with a heavy weight bow.

Redback Archery offers a choice of three materials when it comes to arrow shafts. These materials are wood, carbon and aluminium used for 500 spine Arrows, 400 spine Arrows, 340 spine Arrows and 300 spine Arrows. The weight of our wood shafts tends to range between light to medium and depends on the type of wood used. Our carbon shafts tend to be lighter than our wooden shafts, but we also offer a heavier selection of carbon shafts for those wanting a sturdier arrow. Our heaviest shafts are made using aluminium and make for a very sturdy arrow that produce an impressive performance.

If you want any more information or wish to learn more about our shafts and arrows then don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will be glad to help: