Buy Arrow Feathers and Nocks Online at your Favourite Archery Suppliers Online

People usually think of three separate parts when considering arrows. The shaft, obviously; the tip; and the flights at the back, which are made of feathers. The arrow feathers are of course one of the most important parts of the arrow, without which it would never fly in a straight line. It’s important to choose the correct type when you buy arrow feathers for your arrows.

Where to Buy

You can buy arrow feathers from most online archery suppliers, such as Redback Archery, and you’ll find they come in all different shapes and sizes. The length of the arrow feathers matters a great deal. Obviously, the longer the feather, the heaver it will be, so you need to choose the correct size of arrow feather for the type and weight of your arrows. Either four or five-inch feathers work well for hunting arrows, and maybe slightly shorter arrows would suit lighter carbon-fibre arrows. Three five-inch arrow feathers, for example, will keep a standard hunting arrow flying straight, and will minimise the chance of the arrow fishtailing or yawing.

It’s important that the arrow flies as straight and true as possible because you want to achieve maximum penetration of the target. An arrow that is yawing when it arrives won’t do that.

Of course, the length of arrow feathers isn’t the only consideration. Many people like to change their arrow feathers for style and design. You can buy arrow feathers in a wide variety of colours and designs, so you’re bound to find something you’ll like.

Arrow Nocks are also an Important Consideration, so Make Sure You Get the Right Ones

Arrow nocks are the parts that go right at the back of the arrow, behind the feathers, and it’s where the arrow slots into the bowstring. Since it’s the only part of the arrow that connects with the bow string, it’s extremely important to get the right ones.

Like all parts of the arrow, the nock comes in various weights and slot sizes. These are matched to the weight of the arrow and also the type of bow that’s being used. There are also different ways of attaching arrow nocks to the arrow base. Some screw in, and some simply clip on the end. It’s all down to a matter of preference in the end, but rest assured, no matter what type or weight you’re after, you can buy arrow nocks at all archery suppliers, both online and in store.

You’ll probably find that you typically buy arrow nocks in packs of twelve. Again, the functionality of the arrow nock isn’t the only consideration. As with feathers, you can also buy arrow nocks in various colours and designs to match your arrows. Some packs might have twelve nocks all of the same colour, but you can also get multi-colour packs, so you can customise your arrows depending on what mood takes you.