Are You After Compound Bows, Compound Bow Accessories, or Compound Bow Parts? Redback Archery Can Help

Hunting is one of the most popular pastimes in Australia. Every serious hunter knows that the proper equipment, such as a compound bow and compound bow parts, are essential to a good hunting session. Of course, finding dependable equipment that you can afford is also important. While some sporting goods stores boast flashy features or unique designs for their compound bow accessories, finding a durable, quality compound bow is often more important to those more interested in catching prey or achieving the best possible length.

One of the best ways to know if a store offers well-crafted compound bows that will assist you in your hunting endeavours is to shop at a store that also staffs professional hunters and archers. Stores who hire employees interested in their catalogue often carry superior products to other competitors, because their employees have a better feel for which compound bow works well and which bow is just a flashy, oversized toy.

Introducing Redback Archery – A Premiere Provider of Compound Bows and Compound Bow Parts

If you have been seeking a compound bow and accessories supplier who understands your passion for hunting, look no further than Redback Archery. The professional staff at Redback Archery employs bow hunters and archers so as to offer their customers the best advice when it comes to selecting products, as well as offering hunting tips and techniques.

Redback Archery has been open for over a decade and holds two store locations in Cairns and Townsville. Though they only have two physical stores, Redback Archery has an online catalogue customers can shop from. In fact, Redback Archery is one of the largest suppliers of compound bows and compound bow accessories in Australia.

Compound Bows Available through Redback Archery

Redback Archery stocks a variety of bows and parts, including compound bows. They also carry all of the most coveted brands and styles. Their name brands include Bowtech, Alpine, Cartel, PSE, Mission, Hoyt, and many more. They offer different draw back weight ranges for compound bows, as well, with some ranging from 30 to 55, 40-50, and even large ranges of 5-75 lbs. Depending on what you’re hunting, the Redback Archery team can help determine the best compound bow and draw back weight for you.

Compound bow accessories and parts offered through Redback Archery are also of high quality. These parts include bow stands, hex keys, additional bowstrings, and even bow squares. Many accessories are made for both right and left-hand bows, so anyone will feel safe purchasing them.

If you want to buy your compound bow equipment from a professional company focused on hunting and archery, Redback Archery is your one stop store for bows and parts. You can stop by either one of their physical stores to receive personalised help from their experienced staff members or refer to their online selection to order from anywhere in the country. To find out more, visit their website at