Buy Carbon Arrow Shafts, and Notice How They Improve your Archery

You’ll find that many archers these days are talking about, and using, carbon arrow shafts to improve their archery. Whether it be for hunting or shooting at the range, carbon arrows offer a great improvement over traditional wood and aluminium shaft arrows.

Because carbon arrows are lighter than their wooden and aluminium counterparts, the velocity they can reach with the same amount of bow power is higher. This means they tend to shoot flatter – in other words, there’s less arc to the shot, and they are not quite as susceptible to wind drift. If you buy carbon arrow shafts, you will notice a difference in weight straight away. Although it might take you a few shots to get used to the difference, you will soon realise carbon arrows are the way forward.

Another reason carbon arrow shafts tend to perform better is their almost perfect straightness. Wooden and aluminium shafts, however carefully they’re treated and manufactured, may not be perfectly straight. Carbon arrows are, on the other hand. Also, whereas aluminium arrows are usually destroyed if they become bent, carbon arrows can sometimes be straightened back to their original shape if they become damaged. So this is an obvious advantage, despite their higher cost.

Carbon Arrows Last

You may find that if you buy carbon arrow shafts, the initial cost will be higher than the traditional materials, but the carbon arrows will last longer and can be straightened out and repaired, so the costs will even out in the end, and you may even find carbon arrows to be more economical in fact.

Buy Carbon Arrows for Greater Durability, and Save in the Long Run

The issue with traditional wood arrows is that while they are very supple and flexible, they can be quite delicate. Some fibreglass arrows are very strong indeed, but are rigid and have a tendency to break rather than bend when hitting something with force. So what you need is a combination of the strength of aluminium and the flexibility of wood. The answer is carbon arrows, which have good properties of both wood and aluminium, and the extra benefit of being lightweight.

If you buy carbon arrow shafts, not only are you less likely to suffer from damaged shafts, but you’ll probably be a more accurate archer too, and less likely to hit something that will otherwise damage your arrows. So in the long run, you’ll save money as well as having better ammunition to shoot.

Let's get technical

From a technical point of view, if you have issues with range estimation, then you might want to buy some carbon shafts and try them out. The higher velocity you’ll achieve with carbon arrows tends to help overcome errors in range estimation, as your shots will be flatter, and there’s less arc to account for. This is one of the primary reasons you’ll find that many archers are now filling their quivers with carbon arrow shafts, rather than their wooded, fibre, and aluminium counterparts.