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DEER Addiction 3

FREE Postage As usual Brad Smith has made an adrenalin packed Bowhunting DVD

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Deer Addiction 3

Throughout Deer Addiction 3 you'll witness a variety of deer species being hunted. Some stags caught on film as close as a couple of yards from the hunter, with all shots 30 yards or less. Good numbers of Rusa stags are filmed from being in their hard velvet stage through to them grassing up, fighting and roaring in the rut. Plenty of stalks are captured as hunters try closing the gap on numerous Chital stags and watch some aggressive Fallow bucks lured in during the rut. Plus follow 3 Aussie hunters over 2 seasons as they cross the Pacific and take on the open hills of SW Idaho on a D.I.Y. Elk hunt.

All up around 20 deer, 3 boars and a couple of dingos are taken on film.