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Bushman Brooks The Border Rangers

FREE POSTAGE More of everything you loved in the first DVD ( Hunting the High Country) . Join Bushman Brooks as he explores the Border Rangers of NSW / Qld . More Bush Tucker , bushcraft bush remedies , survival tips , 4WD , and freshwater fishing .

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Bushman Brooks The Border Rangers

Brooks jumps into a small plane and flys over the Border Ranges and his stomping ground to give us a fresh and interesting view of the area before heading into the bush and collecting Bushtucker. He discovers and explains over a dozen bushtuckers and only takes what he needs before throwing a lure around his favourite waterholes after a Bass.

"Ride Shotgun" as Brooks takes his trusty Landcruiser out for couple of days in the bush. Not only does he get the "Old Girl" airborne, he tackles a major obstacle with his winch and a level head. He demonstrates techniques that can get you out of trouble even if they're not necessarily "by the book" while explaining ways to avoid getting into trouble to start with.

Part 2
This episode is pretty much total hunting. When Brooks gets a call to help out a couple of local farmer friends, he didn't anticipate anything too tricky. Up for a bit of bowhunting action, he grabs his bow and goes out. Pretty soon, he finds that taking out a few problem feral Brahman Bulls would be a little tougher than anyone imagined.

Putting his life (and his best mate Dave with the camera) on the line, watch as he hides himself in a postion where a big Bull approaches to within 10 metres. You'll just have to wait and see what happens next.

Not everything goes to plan in hunting as any hunter would understand. Other times, Bushman Brooks finds that making a plan and sticking to it can reap great rewards. Bowhunting, rifle shooting and spotlighting. This episode has something for everyone. With limited time, feel the adrenalin and frustration as Bushman Brooks hunts his biggest challenge yet!

THE BORDER RANGES has a total run time of just over two and a half hours including Special Features.