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Hoyt 2017 Pro Defiant

FREE POSTAGE. 2017 Hoyt Pro Defiant is the most advanced aluminium bow, a legitimate 331 feet per second, 30.5 inch axle to axle .

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2017 Hoyt Pro Defiant 


86 years of cutting-edge engineering has culminated in an all-around masterpiece: the 2017 Pro Defiant. Whether it’s 3D, field, indoor or outdoor the Pro Defiant boasts an advanced technology set to help you dominate in every situation. With a 7” brace height and the benefits of the UltraFlex limbs and DFX cams, the Pro Defiant backs up its swagger with serious technology and performance.


Engineering elements and benefits include:


  • Offset Riser Technology that kills vibration and adds strength and stiffness.
  • The smooth, fast and powerful DFX Cam & ½ system.
  • Dual Cable Stops for a solid back wall.
  • An optional limb stop that provides a no-play back wall, for customizable comfort and consistency.
  • Rotating cam modules, allowing easy adjustment without module replacement or a bow press.
  • Multilayer laminate UltraFlex limbs.
  • A zero-tolerance limb-to-pocket connection for precision and accuracy.
  • The Zero Torque Cable Guard system, which eliminates torque for dead-on alignment.
  • Synergy between DFX cams and UltraFlex limbs, increasing the axle-to-axle measurement at full draw, and improving form, comfort and accuracy.  


We engineer more than bows; we engineer form. “Reaching” your head forward to your peep is more than just uncomfortable, it’s inconsistent. We engineered the UltraFlex Limb and DFX Cam Systems to promote comfortable, strain-free posture at full draw by increasing the distance between our cams at full draw. This broader cam-to-cam distance at full draw creates an ideal “flatter” string angle and brings the peep to you. These innovations allow a more relaxed, strain-free posture at full draw, and reduce facial contact, string pressure, and eye fatigue at anchor. The days of “reaching” are over; your days of tight, consistent groups have arrived.


The result is a 2017 30.5-inch bow that feels and performs like previous 34-inch equivalents, meaning that the compact version will feel and perform like a stable and forgiving 34-inch bow. Similarly, a 34-inch bow will perform like a 37-inch dream bow. If the numbers don’t convince you, your experience at full-draw and your tightened arrow groups will.


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