Easton Hit Brass Inserts 50 -75grn Maximize

Easton Hit Brass Inserts 50 -75grn

FREE POSTAGE The Easton Brass 50 to 75grn Hidden Insert Technology or HIT Insert increases front of centre or FOC and downrange energy

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Easton Hit Brass Inserts 50 -75grn


These inserts, sometimes called Brass X Hit Inserts are manufactured to precision tolerances for accurate shooting and allows you to align your broadhead for tighter groups and provide maximum penetration.

Inserts use standard 8-32 broadheads and points and provides superior point alignment.

Easton Brass HIT Insert 50-75 grn

  • All Full Metal Jacket or FMJ shafts - Gun Metal Black, Lost Camo, Diamond Camo, Dangerous Game
  • Axis black shafts and Axis Realtree camo shafts
  • Beman MFX shafts
  • Any Easton shaft that uses the hidden insert technology

The break-off end of the insert allows you to adjust the weight of your insert from 75 grains down to 50 grains with a break off brass module. The full insert weighs 75 grains and 15 grain module can be removed, so the weight is reduced by cutting off the back end of the insert.

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