Brass Inserts 5/16 .246 1 Dozen Maximize

Brass Inserts 5/16 .246 1 Dozen

FREE POSTAGE  50 grn or 100 Grn inserts to increase Front of Centre ( FOC ) Fits all 5/16 or .246 shafts

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BRASS Inserts

A strong and easy way to increase front of center (FOC) weight to your carbon arrow (or aluminum) for tighter groups down range and deeper penetration on big game.

Note: Adding weight to the point end (point or insert) will weaken the spine of your arrow.

Fits most 5/16" shafts. These commonly are 5/16" Easton/Beman shafts, Traditional Only® (not 600 spine), 5/16" Gold Tip, and 5/16" Carbon Express.

12 per pack